Ultrasound Ion Skin Scrubber



1.Deep cleaning and scavenging aged horniness 2.Pigment decomposition and desalination spot 3.Deep rhytidectomy and enhance skin elasticity 4.Promoting blood circulation and lymphatic metabolism 5.Enhance the regenerative ability and permeability of skin cells 6.Skin massage ,nutrition introduction and variegated derivation 7.No damage and side effects on skin 8.Elegant appearance .easy to use

Before use VS after use

Clean the lackheads after opening the pores Shrink pores ,the large pores significantly improved Help to fade facial wrinkles tighten the skin


1.Deep Cleansing Deep cleansing opens up the pores to remove dirt and impurities,enhances the shedding of the aged and aberrant cells. 2.Moisturizing The device helps more readily absorbed nutrients such as Vitamin C or mineral ingredients into the skin. 3.Lifting Massaging ou your face with this device helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 1.Using As shown in the picture ,clean face/leading-in/lifting with the sonic head


Simple operation interface, ultrasonic, +/- ion, pad multi-function. 25000 times per second ultrasonic vibration with mild heating, promote blood circulation, accelerate the speed of skin cell metabolism, soften old keratin, restore skin elasticity, and make skin tighten and smooth. Remove filth, corneum, fat granule and acne, the symptoms of corneum, fat granule and acne can be relieved significantly. Provides a better absorption for skin. Cleanse your skin with this scrubber, you will have elastic and smooth skin for your beauty. Through high frequent vibrations, the skin scrubber can carry out a deep- massage that can promote the motion of lipid, facilitate the blood circulation. Metal touch sensor strip on both sides, when in use, your hands must hold the touch sensor on both sides, then the ion function can work. Ultrasonic + positive ion: Deep skin cleansing, remove dirt, excessive grease, melanin, cutin and blackhead. Ultrasonic + negative ion: Nutrition leading-in, improve the skin tone, reduce wrinkles and whiten your skin. Tapping massage: Massage and remove wrinkles, firming and lifting skin. It will automatically shut-off after 10 minutes of use. Rechargeable design, after 2 hours full charge, it can be used continuously for 1 hour.

Positive ion leading-out function:

Remove dirt and deep clean skin Accelerate the speed of skin cell Metabolism,soften old keratin, Restore skin elasticity ,and make skin tighten and smooth. Ultrasonic function Drop a few water on the scrubber probe,the water immediately turn into mist .

How to use:

Step 1. ( 2-5 mins)Wash your face/neck with warm water and keep your skin wet, press the“+” key to active ion leading out function for deep cleansing.

Step 2. (5-10 mins)Evenly apply moisturizer or toner on the face. Press the “-”key to activate ion leading in function for better absorbtion. Step 3. (3 mins)Press the “PAD” button to activate skin patting mode for face lifting.

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